Hog rings and pliers

Advertising products



Granlunds has since the beginning in 1963 developed and produced over 4000 own products of metal-wire. Since a few years back, all wire based products are produced on a Wafios wire-crocheting automaton, which gives a balanced quality and has a high capacity. We have collected excellent knowledge on development and construction of wire-goods.

Subcontractor in wirebending

“From the companys inception in 1963, Granlunds has developed and produced over 4000 tailored products of metal-wire. The company recently added a Wafios wire- crocheting automation system which has a high production capacity and further extends our vision of a balanced quality.”

4,0mm stainless
2,0mm stainless feather-thread
3,0mm galvanised, hard drawn
3,4mm galvanised, hard drawn
4,0mm galvanised, hard drawn
5,0mm galvanised, hard drawn


Hog rings and pliers

In the wire segment hog rings and pliers are also included. The products are used for cage manufacturing, fence, gabions, fish traps and more.

We import, sell perform service on Simes pneumatic ringpliers. Manual handpliers for lesser needs are also a port of the assortment. Ofcourse we have both stainless and galvanised rings in stock for all pliers that we sell.

FORS + ½” / 3/8”

Mod86 + CL12

Mod81 + RT23

Mod61 + A18

Mod1200 + A18

Mod1300 + A20

SIMGN50 + CL50

Advertising products

BBQ tongs

A BBQ tong with a logo of your choosing milled into the grip. More detailed logotypes are better suited on a decal which is glued onto the grip.

The tong is produced of 4mm stainless thread and the grip in birch.

The minimum order-amount is 100p/order.

Phone stand

A practical product with your company's logo visible on top. The product is made with 4mm galvanised wire and 0,5mm aluminium.

The minimim order-amount is 100p/order.

Contact us at info@granlunds.com for more info or an eventual offer.